Individual Nutritional Counseling

Do you need to change how you eat? Maybe your doctor has told you to modify your eating habits. Maybe you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start. Maybe you have a health condition that needs nutritional management. Or maybe you just want to eat more healthfully and continue to enjoy some of your favorite familiar meals and recipes with your loved ones.

No matter your reason, we get it. Change is hard. At Nutritional Consultants on Demand, we’re here to help you make smart changes and offer you the support you need for lasting results. And you can access our services virtually!

Why Choose Nutritional Consultants on Demand?

We know that lifestyle and dietary changes can feel overwhelming, so our goal is to ensure your success and make achieving your goals as easy as possible. Here’s how:

  • Convenient appointment times that work for you.
  • Quick access; you won’t need to wait weeks for an appointment.
  • A team of nutrition experts who come from a variety of ethnic and diverse cultures just like you. We are passionate about food and nutrition and are trained to translate the science of nutrition into steps you can take for living healthier life.
  • We listen to you and take the time to make you feel at ease.
  • We work with you to develop realistic and achievable goals.
  • Culture and diversity of values are important to us, as we know it is part of who you are. We offer appointments in English or Spanish, and our recipes and menus include familiar foods that you enjoy.
  • Easy meals to prepare with simple recipes because changing your diet shouldn’t be hard work.
  • Changing your diet shouldn’t be boring either. You’ll get access to quick tips, new recipes, menus, and grocery lists to keep your new plan interesting.
  • Our services are affordable, even if they’re not covered by insurance.

How We Work

Once you are ready to book an appointment for a nutrition consultation, we offer a convenient online scheduler, with a selection of dates and times that work for you. Follow these easy steps to start your journey with us:

  • Go to our online scheduler to book your appointment
  • Select your appointment, best date and time that works for you 
  • You will receive an email notification from us indicating that you have made a tentative appointment and that someone from our team will confirm your visit in 2 business days.  
  • We will send you two online interactive forms to save time before your appointment. Please complete these forms within 2 days of receiving them and return to us to prepare for your appointment. (Note: check your email spam folder if you don’t see the email with the forms in your in-box).
  • Before your appointment, you will receive reminders of your visit. On the day of your appointment you will receive the link to connect with our Registered Dietitian for your consult. 

During the first appointment, your nutritionist will talk with you about your dietary and health concerns, as well as your goals. This session will include a comprehensive assessment and determination of your nutritional needs, an estimate of weight loss or gain if applicable, and an explanation of any related lab tests. Together you will set health and nutrition goals based on your specific needs, which are geared toward improving your health and ultimately enhancing your life.

We understand that support is crucial in making changes that stick, and we provide that support in a number of ways. You will receive the materials you need, such as personalized menus and meal plans that include foods you’re familiar with and are a part of your culture and heritage, dietary guides, lists of foods to include or modify, grocery shopping lists, personalized recipes, cooking tips, and information on reading labels and portion control. You will also have a follow up virtual appointment to fine-tune your plan, ask questions, and determine what further support you may need.

Your success is important to us. That’s why the plan we develop is always based on your specific needs and unique health history—never a one size fits all. If you’re ready to get your diet and nutrition on track, contact us today or click the button below to book a Free Consultation with one of our Registered Dietitians.

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