Nutritional Analysis

Knowing the nutritional content of the items on your menu is essential, whether your end user is a restaurant, cafeteria client or a health care facility patient.  More and more consumers are trying to make healthy food choices, and making available the nutritional content of their meal helps them to do just that. In a health care setting, the nutritional content of menu ingredients can be critical in the care of patients who are on special or restricted diets. As an organization, it’s vital to have complete and accurate information on all of the items in your food service program.

At Nutritional Consultants on Demand, our team of Registered Dietitians understand how overwhelming and complicated providing this information may feel. We’re prepared to help your organization get the accurate nutritional information you need through the following steps:

  • Conduct an assessment of each ingredient on your food service menu
  • Provide a nutrient itemization of each of those ingredients and recipes
  • Track and maintain information on the specifications of all of your purchased ingredients
  • Field test all of the items on your menu to make sure the items and portion sizes as prepared are accurate
  • Provide you with a record that includes a detailed nutritional breakdown for each ingredient included in your food service menu
  • Provide you with ingredient information and allergen reports that are in accordance with NLEA, FDA, and the USDA.
  • Keep you informed of any changes in government regulations or consumer group measures that may affect your ingredient information or labeling
  • Consult with your food service staff to improve the nutritional profile of items on your menu if necessary

The bottom line is that at Nutritional Consultants on Demand, we understand the far-reaching importance of an accurate nutritional analysis of your food service menu. Our team members have the background, experience, and commitment to providing your organization with the information you need in a timely way that is useful, complete, and in compliance with regulatory agencies.

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